*Today I wanted to share a little bit of one of my side passions. I love to write poetry, but only in moments of high emotion. In this past year since I have been divorced (see my post on divorce here for my thoughts on that) I have changed in my grief, and I am sure it will continue to evolve.

I’m no longer mourning “Us”

The things we would have done

The memories we shared

What we had the potential to be.

Now I am mourning “Me”

Not me now,

the me who is blossoming like a flower after the rain.

I am mourning the “Me” of then

Young me who knew that while love wasn’t easy

It was sweet.

Those I loved were easy to trust

Maybe too easy.

I never worried if I did enough

Was enough

I just


I gave my emotions freely

I showed all of “Me”

Open heart surgery for anyone who would listen

I was free

Since you

My love is not freely given

Its hidden away deep inside

But I can still see the jagged stitch marks

From where I used to lay myself bare

I float through life

A suspicious ghost

Because if you could leave….

The only person I can trust

Is “Me”.



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