Top True Crime Podcasts

If it was not made clear from some of my other posts, I greatly enjoy true crime. The legal system and forensics and the psychology behind crimes and the individuals who perpetrate them.

Since I enjoy true crime so much, most of the day I have a true crime podcast playing in the background. I have picked through some of the best podcasts available, and I like them all for different reasons.


Dateline may seem to be an obvious choice, but it wasn’t until about 2 years into listening to true crime that I got into it. Many times it is the audio version of the show, which can sometimes feel as if it is lacking because you do not have the visuals to accompany what they are speaking about. However, if you are looking for a podcast that has good information, covers a variety of cases, and has hundreds of episodes available to binge, Dateline is an excellent option.


Morbid is one of my favorite true crime podcasts. Hosted by Ash and Alaina (aunt and niece who were raised like sisters), Morbid takes many different types of cases, spooky stories, and creepy history and presents them to their audience in a down-to-earth, humorous way. If you have ever heard of the savage behaviors of the likes of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady and thought to yourself that you would like to run them over with a train, no worries, Ash and Alaina will be sure to share those thoughts out-loud. Morbid has an extremely personable feel that always has me laughing.

Generation Why:

Generation Why has been my most recent true crime podcast finds. I found out about Justin and Aaron through Morbid, and I have not regretted it. A much more calm approach to true crime, Justin and Aaron believe in not entering stories without immediately having preconceived notions on who is guilty or what happened based on media coverage. Instead, they go over the story with listeners, and openly share their opinions and theories, even if they are against what the media or even the justice system decided.

Anatomy of Murder:

Anatomy of Murder is an audiochuck podcast (the first of many on this list). I find Anatomy of Murder riveting from a justice system standpoint. The show is hosted by Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi, a homicide prosecutor, and Scott Weinberger, an investigative journalist. Nicolazzi and Weinberger bring their specific specialities to the show and each case, digging deeper into the reasons why investigations and prosecutions are carried out certain ways.

Crime Junkie:

Crime Junkie was the first podcast I ever got into. Another audiochuck original, I would consider Crime Junkie to be an incredible intro to true crime. Ashley and Brit tell each story in a way that keeps you listening, but also provides respect to all involved. They also have many tag-lines (like Be Weird, Be Rude, Stay Alive), as well as resources that they share with listeners. Easy to binge, likeable hosts, and tasteful delivery make Crime Junkie a winner.


CounterClock only has three seasons, but what it lacks in episode count it makes up for in investigative skills, interviews, and story-telling. Delia D’Ambra is the host of CounterClock, and every season she chooses a new true crime case to cover in extensive detail. Her most recent series, which covers the Pelley family murders, spans a full 20 episodes. The depth at which Delia achieves is remarkable, and has brought me back again and again to re-listen to what she has discovered.

That concludes my list! I have a few honorable mentions that I did not include: Paper Ghosts, The Deck, and Park Predators (another Delia D’Ambra podcast).



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